Unique New Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are probably thesecond busiest place in a house after the cuisine. It is a place that offers a space of solitude. Bathrooms are considered as a great place to get rid from the stresses of the day. You can simply lay there for a long comforting bath or take a hot shower or just find some much needed solace when you home is flooded with guests.

If you are high on social gatherings, it is not just you that the bathroom has to appeal, it has to appear inviting and stylish to leave a lasting impression on all your guests too.  

If you have a traditionally old bathroom and you are on a tight budget, don’t worry about having to spend a fortune on renovating your bathroom. You can do so in a budget or simply add some bright accessories or DIY some upgrades to make it a comfortable spot in your home.

There are tons of ways you can accessorize your bathrooms and make them look more appealing and feel more comfortable.

Here are some unique new accessories you could add to your bathroom and make it more appealing.

Scented Candles Add to the Feel: What’s better than a nice smelling bathroom? Scented candles have forever been the favorite accessory to add to your bathroom. Whether it is you taking a long bubble bath, or you have guests coming over, lighting up a beautiful scented candle in your bathroom not only keeps a subtle scent but also serves as the perfect décor piece for your bathroom.

A Fancy New Mirror: if you have a simple and cozy bathroom, a fancy new mirror preferably in metal cast can prove to be the focal point. It not only enhances the lighting in your bathroom but also gives your bathroom a more modern and sophisticated feel.

Use Artwork Frames: Adding artwork frames or pieces can alleviate the elegant look of your bathroom; it is a cheap way to increase the beauty of your place and also adds an admirable personal touch to your interior style.

Baskets & Boxes: In the bathroom, storage can be a problem; you can increase the storage capacity of your bathroom by adding beautiful boxes and baskets to hold your toiletries or your blow dryers, straighteners and epilators. They can serve as both an accessory and an extra storage space.

Wall Mounted Shelves: Best alongside shower cabins or bathtubs, wall mounted shelves can be an excellent way to add personality to your bathroom while being a useful place to store shampoos and conditioners. You can pick glass shelves or elaborate metal or wood shelves carved to details.

Fancy Lights: To create a charming, elegant and a bright look to your bathroom you can add up a bright fancy light or lamp. Even the most ordinary accessory will utter a magical look under the bright fancy lights or lamps.

Use Shimmery Colors: Using colors like golden and silver will unwittingly lead you to aesthetic vanity area. These colors have a sharp base and make your entire belongings look prominent. But try to use these colors in small proportions as it can go from impressive to kitsch real quick.

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