Tips to Turn a Granny Flat into a Comfortable Retirement Spot for your Parents

Watching your parents turn from strong and healthy individuals who were always so independent and self-reliant, to needing help and wanting attention can be a painful and sad journey. It can bring up emotions that you did not know you had. However, we believe that you as their child should stay close to them just so you can help them out whenever they need you.

To help them feel a sense of independence and help still feel like they live on their own, a granny flat is a perfect idea for them. All it needs is a few renovations to make it look modern and make it comfortable according to your parent’s needs. After they retire, they can easily stay with you while also feeling a sense of responsibility.

Here are a few tips you can use to renovate and upgrade the granny flat into the perfect home. For example, decorating the bathroom or the walls in the flat with a new coat of paint for them just so they can feel comfortable and at home in it. You can also check out modern granny flats with Todd Devine Homes for already made excellent granny flats.

  1. Make it feel like home

One thing that is the most important is that the granny flat should feel like home. We suggest that you get rugs and blankets from their old home just so it feels familiar and it feels like home for them. You can even add pictures and memorabilia from their life together which reminds them of all the great moments they have had in their life. We also suggest that you take their recommendation on what makes them feel at home and work according to that.

  • Kitchen and Living room in one

In more traditional homes, the kitchen is separate from the living room and there are two different rooms. This makes it space constricted. As a granny flat is already pretty small, we suggest you merge the two giving it a modern open kitchen look. With a sofa and TV in the front and the kitchen on the back, it will look modern, cool, and updated while also serving its purpose.

  • Paint

Paint is the one thing that can transform a home, but will be light on the pocket to make the granny flat modern and homely for your parents. We suggest painting the rooms some bright color. Find out what their favorite color is and paint the room in that color. Not only will it put a smile on their face, but research suggests that bright colors and happy colors can automatically improve your mood and day.

  • Add a path

Even though a granny flat is traditionally attached to a home, we suggest you add a separate pathway just so the parents feel their independence and feel like this is their separate home. This will help them have their friends and guests over and will give them a feeling of independence.