11 Must-Have Tools in a Basic Toolkit

Toolkits are very important for contractual repair workers or builders. Even though most home owners would hire construction and renovation companies for detailed renovation of their houses, but for the everyday maintenance jobs and electrical works, there’s always a need of a repair worker or builder who could come and fix that lighting that went off or install that shelf you bought recently. In order to do that, builders and repair workers need the right tools in their toolkit. Even if you don’t plan to hire a professional builder, you will still need a handy toolkit for all your DIY projects of home renovation

We have created a list of the 11 must have tools in a basic toolkit which should help you prepare the perfect arsenal for your day job.

  1. Screw Drivers: All the varying sizes of screwdrivers with different faces are absolutely necessary. You have two options, either you could buy that single interchangeable screwdriver with multiple faces or purchase a more expensive but practical set of mini screwdrivers with different shapes.
  2. Masking Tape & Scotch Tape: Both masking and scotch tapes are necessary for a tool kit. While scotch tape is useful to bind boxes and shelves together until you hammer them in place, masking tape acts as an insulator and can be used to cover open wires.
  3. Measuring Tape: When making renovations and readjustments, measuring tape is of extreme importance to size the space of the material you are carving/crafting. Always keep a foldable measuring tape in your toolkit. 
  4. Utility Knife: A good utility knife with a sharp blade can come really handy to cut plastic cables or ropes and is essential to a toolkit.
  5. Claw Hammer & Nails: A solid hammer with a striking cheek and a claw along with a set of different sizes of nails is also a very important component of a tool kit.
  6. Saw: While you might not need an industrial saw required to cut through metal, most home renovations and repairs require wood cutting and carving for which saw is absolutely necessary. You can either choose to keep a simple manual saw in your toolkit or buy that powerful electric saw.
  7. Power Drill:  Power drills come really handy when it comes to drilling multiple holes in the wall in order to install shelves, pelmets or railings. You can choose from battery operated or plug and wire power drills to have in your arsenal to ensure they are handy
  8. Wrench: For when you want to unfasten a bolt, a wrench can come in really handy and there’s no doubt you will need to unfasten several nuts and bolts if you are redoing a door or shelf.
  9. Hacksaw: If you are quite into DIY projects, a hacksaw in your toolkit will be very useful as it can not only cut through plastic and wood but also through metal.
  10. Safety Glasses: Of all the tools and appliances, if there’s one thing absolutely necessary, that would be safety glasses that protect your eyes from stray particles hitting and injuring your eyes.

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