5 Bathroom Décor Tips

Whether you are remodeling your powder room, or revamping the entire master bathroom, these five-bathroom décor tips will make your bathroom look exclusively elegant. However, the point to keep in consideration here for a successful décor transformation is cohesiveness of a unified theme.

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  1. Round Mirrors

The most important element to add a lavish style to your bathroom is adding a round mirror. It helps to block the rigidity of the space, and remains trendy and functional. Round mirror will add an interest to your space and because of its shape, it will last longer.

To transform your bathroom’s decor, round mirrors would be the perfect go-to option because they are versatile and universally aesthetic. And its round shape calms the mind and adds serenity to the overall environment.

  • Bold Fixtures

The bathroom fixtures today are no longer considered as the only functional elements anymore. There are more tech-savvy fixtures available that are bold, stylish and artistic, making their former versions obsolete eventually in the coming years. Such bold accessories or fittings lift up a bathroom’s layout. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or thinking of changing fixtures, it’s the perfect moment to add this element into your space. It’s easy to change and adds a big difference to your interior.

  • Matte Finishes

When we talk about modern art, matte finishes are considered to be favorites in the category of bathroom designs. They are elegant and contemporary, matte tiles have better traction, and that is why they’re the obvious choice for flooring. It is perfect for people who want to give their floors a natural look.

There’s a huge variety in which matte finishes are available i.e. cement, stone and tiles. Their clean and natural appearance creates a warm, homely ambience. For the lovers of black color palette, black matte finishes are a must have, but use a dark color in your interior very wisely. A little amount of dark finishing for highlighting details in your bathroom will make the space look at its best.

  • Invisible Shower Wall

Invisible shower walls made with glass screens appear to visually increase your bathroom’s size and is a lovely element to explore while contemplating bathroom décor ideas. It is perfect to use in small bathrooms because of its capability to increase space. Shower panels are also cost-effective, stylish and its set-up is easier than tile installation. This is the reason behind why slippery bathtubs are being replaced by invisible shower panels, because it gives you maximum space, provides you convenience, and adds a sense of openness.

  • Indoor Plant

A plant can brighten up any space. Adding a plant in your bathroom is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons, but they can also help freshen up the air, kill harmful toxins, keep the temperature moderate, and reduce humidity in your bathroom. Spider plant, monstera plant, snake plant and peace lilies are some of the plants which are too compelling in making the air healthier, and their broad beautiful leaves look lovely in any corner of your bathroom and compliment every design layout.