Van Flooring. Is it Worth the Extra Costs?

For many years, people have selected and installed the best-looking flooring in their homes and offices, but not in their vans. Today, the market provides low weight, robust and functional flooring that you can fit in your van. Manufacturers use anti-slip aluminum tread plates that contribute to safer working environments. If you operate a parcel delivery van or traditional service vehicle, the flooring is worth consideration. Here are the key benefits to expect with van flooring.

–          Protects your van’s residual value

Long are gone the days of drilling through the body of a vehicle to install flooring. The modern-day non-intrusive van flooring services allow installation with adhesive glue that makes for stronger installations than bolts and nuts and protects the scrap value of your van.

–          Increases the payload

Think of it like a real team – different materials that work together in a sandwich construction to make an ergonomic, robust and lightweight construction. The lightweight will significantly increase the payload of your vehicle and lower the fuel consumption in addition to emissions. You might now start seeing why the flooring is a worthy investment.

–          Safety

The right van flooring installation will guarantee non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents. For example, a carpet will act as a natural cushion in case of a fall. Carpets also dampen the noise in your van by reducing the sound associated with foot traffic, blocking sound transmission between the floors and absorbing airborne sound.

Selecting the right flooring for your van

The market offers several flooring materials for your van’s floor ranging from high-cost wood to lower cost laminate. Here are a few choices to consider.

–          Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is easier to install, clean and looks great. To get three boxes of laminate, you will require less than $60. That is enough to cover the floor of your whole van.

–          Sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring forms a great choice for vans’ floors. Manufacturers offer them in various styles such as tile-look and wood-look. It is the thinnest flooring option in the market and is easier to clean and waterproof. However, it is not environmentally friendly.

–          Cork flooring

Cork flooring will insulate the floor of your van, in addition, to sound deadening. It feels good to walk on it and comes in various colors and styles. It is impervious to mildew and mold.  Unfortunately, unlike other types of flooring, it is very expensive and it will require regular maintenance.

–          Hardwood flooring

Nothing will beat the appearance of a hardwood floor in your van. The option is heavier than other options. It is thick and expensive. When searching for the best van flooring, you should avoid any that has a thickness beyond ¼ inches because it will reduce your headroom. However, if you can find cheap hardwood and you are ready to lose the headroom, it is a good go for.

The delivery costs of liners and flooring of vans are likely to match the purchase prices of these materials. By taking your vehicle to a dealer for installation, you will significantly reduce the costs.