Property Styling Tips to Increase the Liveability of Your Home

Most of the home styling tips you will find on most websites are more conventional. Each year, people publish lists of conventional home improvements that can provide you with great or worse returns on your home remodel. If you are planning to remodel a home (or bathroom) as a way of improving the liveability, here are the tips to help you achieve that. You are likely to boost its value in the process.

Go for a walk-in pantry and avoid kitchen cabinets

Did you know those kitchen cabinets are among the expensive items? Moreover, some of them will be very high on your kitchen walls such that they will be hard to reach. They also take the wall space you would use for windows. Pantries take up lesser space, store more items, are easier to use and are cheap to build.

Go for a comfortable shower

To make your home liveable, you have to avoid the big bathtubs and go for a comfortable shower. Most renovation firms are doing a good job in the buildings constructed in the late-70s and early 80s. They are taking the huge tubs out and replacing them with the comfortably sized showers that people like using on a daily basis. Avoid the racquetball court-sized showers common in-home shows. A shower will take less space, use minimal hot water and is more sanitary than the big tubs.

Group the windows together

 If you have great views in your home compound, you should bring them into your house with many glasses. Take the windows you have in your bathroom and bedrooms and use them to connect the outside with your living room’s interior. For example, if you have already built a swimming pool outside your home, you can connect several windows to make a pleasant site. Consider more before and after property styling if you need outstanding results.

Keep your ceiling heights reasonable

A volume ceiling will not make a better room automatically. It will just make the room taller, hard to decorate and expensive to cool and heat. Therefore, you should focus most of your attention on the view, large fireplaces or other important aspects. Multiple paint colours and wall trims will help break up your room’s volume and make an illusion of height.

Consider box-form house’s elegance

Restraint and subtlety were virtues in home designing. Today, inexperienced designers are trying to attract more attention to their homes by adding more materials, gables and bay windows. Others understand the right proportion, details, and scale will definitely turn heads. Box-house is the American classic form and has lasted for the last 150 years. They offer details and great proportions. The box form is easier and cheaper to build. It will enclose the large volume in a less perimeter and it is, therefore, easier to cool, heat and maintain.

In fact, granite countertops would enhance the appearance of your home, but if your budget is tight, you should remember that they are around 10 times more the cost of quality laminate tops. Therefore, you can consider putting nice laminate tops and replace them with granite tops later. Do the same with flooring, fixtures and window treatments.