Above Ground vs. Underground Pool: If You Have to Select One

When deciding on whether to go for an in-ground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool, you will have to consider your budget and your location. If the weather is usually warm throughout the year, an in-ground pool in your backyard is a good choice. If your budget is tight or you live in a cool area, an above ground swimming pool is a good go for.

An in-ground pool will add value to your home

If you are currently living in a climate that is warm in a large part of the year, an in-ground pool will add more value to your property. It will also enhance the landscape by offering a water feature that makes a pleasing view from the house, patio or deck.

The installation and maintenance cost

Even though they provide a great place for lounging, exercising and entertaining, in-ground pools come with several drawbacks. The first drawback relates to the major investment, which most people interpret as an expense. Add that to the annual maintenance cost and electric bill associated with running the heater and filter, a significant increase in your water bill due to the constant refilling, chemicals, cleaning and closing and opening for the season.

An above ground pool will not add any value to your home and will come with most of the issues associated with in-ground pools such as maintenance and evaporation issues. They both come as 48 inches or 52 inches deep and are therefore not suitable for diving if that is your sport.

Installation of above ground pools is faster

The installation of in-ground pools takes many days, but that of an above ground pool will roughly take a single day. People see above ground pools as temporary additions to a backyard. Therefore, if you have any plans of moving or selling your home in the near future, the pool will have an option of moving the pool from the backyard.

In-ground pools provide more design options

Above ground pools come in only two designs – the oval and round shapes. Some manufacturers offer on-ground installations that allow partial burying into the ground. If you need freedom when it comes to the selection of the shape and size of the swimming pool, you should go for an in-ground pool. In-ground pools allow creativity when selecting a design to include in your backyard. Many design options for a swimming pool will allow you to achieve your dream of a stunningly beautiful backyard easily.

In-ground pools last for many years

A big advantage of in-ground pools is that they last for many years compared to above ground pools. If properly maintained, an in-ground pool can last for many decades and after constructing one, you will be guaranteed of having a perfect relaxation spot for many years.

Protection of the pool

Both in-ground and above ground pools are easier to protect during winter, you just need an adjustable pool cover. You will have to cover the pool until the weather warms up again to reduce the maintenance costs. When looking for pool covers in Perth, you might need to start your search online for a better comparison of prices and to save your time.

If you have decided that an in-ground swimming pool is a perfect choice, there are many designs to consider. You will also have to choose between a fiberglass or vinyl material. Whatever the choice, remember to protect it with a pool cover.