6 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Laundry Room

Small and tiny laundry rooms can become very crowded and crammed with no space to walk around as you start storing things within them since there are such small homes these days. However, we can help you make it better. With these few tips and tricks, you can make your tiny laundry room a perfect storage spot for all your miscellaneous items and still have room to walk and access your laundry. One of the best products for such storage is the laundry bench top at Kaboodle Kitchen. If someone really is short on space in their home or laundry room and needs an additional shelf for storage, this really is the place to buy it from.

  1. Wall Storage

To maximize the utility of the space you have, it is important to use all aspects of the room including the walls. This way you could always use a wall storage unit to store your laundry essentials like detergent, fabric softener and other things you may use. This helps keep things organized, keep things free and maximizes the whole space.

  • Drying Rack

When we talk about maximizing space, we mean all aspects of the room which definitely includes the ceiling that you have. At times when you do not have access to the balcony to dry your clothes or it rains too much where you live, the best way to dry clothes is on a ceiling drying rack. This uses the empty space in good use and also helps you dry your essentials. At times, we have delicate items that cannot be dried within the drier so this is perfect for those instances.

  • Shelving

As I spoke about shelving previously as well, adding shelves really helps increase the storage space in your laundry room. If you add shelves, you can store many more things than you would be able to on the floor. For example, people can store their suitcases on the top of the shelves, while some essentials on the bottom shelves. This maximizes the use of space and also gives you room to walk about in the room.

  • Baskets and Storage Containers

When you have baskets and storage containers, this makes easier to organize things as well as it makes it easier for find things. Not just that but when you have baskets and such, you can cluster them up and put them in one spot which increases the utility of the space you use and gives you more storage space in comparison.

  • Curtains

Even though this doesn’t seem like a very viable option but when you have curtains, it helps make your laundry room look much spacious and cover all the achiness which makes it look prettier and much more aesthetic. This also increases storage space and it gives you a separate space just for storage.

  • Folding Station

It can get difficult to fold in a crowded room. This is why you could get a folding station made or buy one. This will be attached to the wall underneath one of the shelves which will not use much space and also give you a place to easily fold your laundry and put it back instead of doing that in your room or other places as your folding will have a designated space.