Perth’s Best Camping Spots for Summer

Australia is a country that is filled with beautiful nature spots and gorgeous beaches. It has some of the world’s most beautiful sights and lucky for you as an Australian, you can camp there too. Perth which is located in Western Australia is filled with such spots that offer you a once in a lifetime experience with beautiful scenes and gorgeous views that will leave you in awe and help you relax. Within and near Perth are many different sites that can make great camping spots and are the perfect get-away for the summer. If you want to look for cheap campervan park in Perth then look no further. This post will give you all the information you need to camp in Perth. Below, we have compiled a list of spots near or in Perth that will be great for a summer get-away, and you can camp there too.

  1. Lane Poole Reserve

The Lane Pool Reserve is a camping area near a forest. If you are a nature enthusiast that loves to become one with nature, this spot is perfect for you. It is around 100 km from Perth and has the Murray River running through it. This means it’s a great opportunity for those who love kayaking or those who love the sound of nature and water. The Baden Powell Campground is located within the reserve and holds spots for tents, trailers, and campervans. It has 42 sites in which 36 are reserved for tents specifically, while the remaining sites are meant to accommodate trailers and campervans. It also has two gorgeous tracks for you to hike upon or trek called Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun Track.

  • Yalgorup National Park

This beautiful national park is only a 90 minute drive towards the south of Perth.  This park is known to hold the well-known Martins Tank Lake Campsite. This campsite is known for its beautiful sights and views. It is safely situated between the peppermint woodlands and tuart forest.  They have a bushwalking trail called Lake Pollard Trail and it really should not be missed. This place has a great campsite and is known for the excellent facilities it provides. It really could be the perfect spot over the summer for you.

  • Rottnest Island

The Rottnest Island is a beautiful campsite which is usually calm and quiet. It is located near a sandy area and has a lot of shade due to the various trees planted in the vicinity. The best part is, The Basin is very close and just a short walk away. So you can easily have breakfast on one of the most stunning and beautiful beaches of Australia while camping here. However, it has just been remodelled and the services and facilities may not be as good as you’d expect. This is why we suggest you go into a camping store and make sure you have the gear you need.  This really is the perfect spot to enjoy the beach while also camping and nature. It’s a two in one.