Back Pain at Work: Preventing Pain and Injury

Work can be one of the reasons you feel that sharp pain in your back. You may think that you are just an accountant, lawyer, receptionist, or even near retirement, however, the way you sit and work can most definitely be the reason for the constant cramps in your back and sharp pain originating in your spine.

The posture we sit in and work has a huge impact on our back health. This is because we do not just work for a short period, rather we work through so much time that we do not even realize we are in that position yet we keep on sitting. At the time, we might not feel much. However, as time passes by and you do so constantly, your back begins to feel the impact of your posture and eventually begins to weaken. Hence the pain begins.

This is why we have compiled a list of things you can do to prevent this pain that you have in your back and live your life in the healthiest way possible. You can read them down below.

  • Posture

As previously mentioned, paying attention to your posture is one of the most important things. This is because when you sit in a weird position that put unwanted strain on your back, after a while your back begins to react to it. As most of us love staying indoors and generally stay away from the sun, we all suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This in itself is harmful let alone you add an odd posture on top and it creates a very painful situation. This is why we believe that correcting your posture by paying special attention to it is the way to counter these pains.

  • Lift properly

If you are someone who needs to lift things like boxes or heavy objects at work life even in your personal life, we believe you should pay special attention to how you lift something. You should lift mainly with your legs rather than straining your back. This will then tighten your core muscles. Do not twist your body while lifting and hold the natural way your back curves as that is the most important thing. Otherwise, we suggest you ask someone else to help you with these tasks.

  • Special Equipment

If you feel as though the pain is getting worse, you should get a doctor’s attention. We also recommend getting special equipment like a seat cushion to give your back some comfort or you can purchase a foldable trolley at Sitecraft to help with your back pain. You could even get a collar which will help stabilize your neck which is said to relieve back pain. Through these means you will be able to counter your back pain and hopefully live a comparatively healthier life. However, we still believe that health and lifestyle changes, and a trip to the spa will also aid in the recovery.