4 Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Bathrooms maybe small than the rest of the rooms in your house, but they truly are an essential component of any house. Not only do they have to be perfectly constructed, but also the interior should be up-to-date to relax your senses after long day at work. Who doesn’t love a warm and long bath in an amazingly designed bathroom? Of course, we all do!

We all talk about trending bathroom designs, however, no one is ever ready to talk about what to avoid when designing your bathroom.

So here would like you all to know what to avoid when updating your bathrooms. Whether you remodel your bathroom within your budget or pay a high amount, you are not supposed to make these mistakes.

  1. Floating Sinks

Floating sinks, no doubt, look good and everything but the thing is that they are not designed for every bathroom. Not every bathroom has the kind of space these sinks demand and hence, it turns out to be a failure when remodeling the bathroom. To install a floating sink, make sure the bathroom has plenty of space. Usually, they work best for master bathrooms so if your bathroom is congested, then we are afraid you will have to give up on your wish to have a floating sink.

  • Hanging Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not something that you should not buy, but something that you should not install in your bathroom. It is definitely a big no and even the biggest interior designers tell us to avoid making this mistake. Instead of chandeliers, you should go for minimalistic designs of lights that make your bathroom shine brighter than a chandelier does. Moreover, since the idea of having a minimalistic bathroom has evolved, there is no space for chandeliers anymore.

  • White Marble

Although white is classic and we don’t see it going out of the trend anytime soon, why do we have to overexpose ourselves to the color? White bathroom floors have been seen everywhere from the hospitality industry to private residencies. We guess, we need to let the white marble breathe and experiment with other types of flooring for a change. Why not go for dark tones like grey and black? We are sure it wouldn’t disappoint you either.

  • Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring for bathroom is not here for a very long time and the trend is expected to end before the year ends. Instead of wooden planks, large tiles are making waves in the interior design industry. These tiles do not only look good, but also make the bathroom appear spacious. Above all, large format tiles do not make you experience the issue of prominent grout lines. These bathroom tiles are not rare to find.

That said, make sure the roofing of the bathroom is in the best shape so that whatever you fix in your bathroom is not damaged. There should be no leakages or fault in construction. If there is then you should contact professional roofing contractors in Melbourne.