Trending Bathroom designs of 2018

For most of the people in Australia, bathrooms have become a personal sanctuary. It is a place where you can relieve your daily stress and get relaxed. So when you are renovating your bathroom, you must make sure that you are able to create it in a way that makes you comfortable. So below are some of the most trending bathroom designs of 2018.

One-Material rooms:
One Material room is among the most trending designs of 2018. When this design is done right, it can actually turn your bathroom into a uniform and special place, Basically rather than drywalling, taking the tiles half way up the wall, or using a collection of material for filling the space, here you do the same material from wall to wall and floor to ceiling and properly embrace one material for the whole bathroom.
Bathtub in the bedroom:
If you are one who likes having a little romantic soak in the tub, and you are having enough space in your house to have a room consisting of toilet, sink and shower separately, then this is the best design for you. This kind of design works very well with most of the architectures that a house has, and could even go very cheesy for you.
Heritage style shower rooms:
This kind of design is packed with character. This kind of design work just as well in a modernly built Edwardian or Victorian home. The main star of this design is the freestanding roll-top bath, and even if you don’t have space for one, you could simply fit a normal shower in its place.
Sunken Baths:
With this kind of bathroom design, you can easily enjoy spa-style pampering in your own house. For having a sunken bath’s design, your tub needs to be the star of the whole scheme. For a better look, you could opt for a slipper-shaped tub, and if possible place it in the middle of your room. Otherwise, place it in a raised platform or sink it into the floor, doing this will give it a stand out feature.
Narrow-fit furniture:
This kind of design includes modern glossy looking modular furniture inside your bathroom. This kind of furniture is sure to give your bathroom a spacious look, even if it does not have that much of a space. You will need to opt for wall-hung units which will give your bathroom much space, and more of the floor will be visible.