Designing a Modern Kitchen

Over the years, kitchen design has evolved quite a bit. From pale hues and a cozy setting to a sleek stainless-steel finish, design trends have changed drastically over the years. Gone are the days of big and bulky appliances, Victorian countertops with cream and grey hues. Modern kitchens are more about handless smart devices, better-designed storage and striking design patterns. Contemporary kitchens evoke minimalistic designs, clean styles and a simplistic approach to maximizing space utilization.

If you are considering kitchen renovation, you are at the right place. Here are some of the top ideas to give you’re a chic and modern look.

Stainless Steel Finish: There’s nothing better than a classic stainless-steel kitchen outlook. Not only is a stainless-steel finish practically easy given the amount of surface cleaning required in the kitchen, but it also gives your kitchen a minimalistic chic look. Opt for stainless-steel appliances faucets, cabinets and countertops for an uber finessed kitchen design. Stainless-steel offers many benefits. It is not only easy to clean but is also quite hygienic and 100% recyclable making it very environment friendly.

Play with Tile Patterns: If you have knack for colors and designs, what better than installing creative mosaics of colorful tiles. You could choose a single wall of mosaic amid pale colored cabinets and countertops or you could simply choose beautiful mosaic countertops against a fully white washed kitchen. Mosaic tiles conveniently add a style statement to modern kitchens and do what normally a vibrant rug or chair would to a neutral interior.

If you are not a fan of mosaic, you could choose to create a minimalistic look with subway fashioned tiles. Make your white subway tiles pop by accentuating them with pale countertops and dark cabinets to create a modern look.

Marble Counter Tops: Marbles in the kitchen can never go out of style. Choose the traditional marble countertop look and add a contemporary feel to it by adding decorative elements to your counter. From pale white countertops with grey swirls to the regular beige finish, marble countertops add quite a bit of personality to your kitchen. However, if you are opting for marble countertops, make sure you wipe off stains immediately to avoid permanent staining and don’t chop the food directly on your countertop.

Wooden Cabinets: Just like marble countertops, wooden cabinets are equally timeless. Create a chic kitchen interior with blonde wood cabinets against stainless steel appliances. If you have enough space, introduce a blonde wood island in your kitchen against cabinets. Introduce some darker elements to balance off the blonde. You could add dark colored cabinet knobs or a dark tiled floor for an appealing finish. 

If blonde is not your color, get chocolate brown cabinets installed in your kitchen. Compliment the dark tones of your cabinets with a pale flooring and minimal appliances. Espresso stain is a good choice to give your kitchen cabinets a strong personality.

Colourful Cabinets: If you love all things bright and colourful, go beyond the norms and make your cabinets into striking green or orange hues. The bright and bold colours not only warm up with cold kitchens but also give an overall chic look.

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