20 Facts about Tree Loppers That You Never Knew

It may seem that every tree remover is equal, but there are some facts about tree loppers in general that you never knew about.

  1. Although tree lopping isn’t allowed, many do it as a way to beautify the backyard or landscape.
  2. Tree loppers who have experience and are certified to remove trees are known as Arborists.
  3. Tree loppers either remove trees because they fear they are dead or have some form of the disease.
  4. Tree loppers may use pruning techniques to remove dead branches or cut twigs that are extended beyond their space.
  5. Many tree loppers use extensive mathematics to understand the correct angle of sunlight and air to aid in the growth of trees.
  6. They review the best shape and height for three to remain healthy.
  7. Many public sector loppers and arborists may prune trees to save them from disrupting power grids, and safety hazards of them falling on people. 
  8. There are two main types of tree lopper tool. The single edged blade to cut the thick base is called bypass lopper. Anvil loppers use specific blades that cut the lower centre of the tree. They are usually clear-cutting but less precise.
  9. Australia has one of the best tree pruning laws that prohibit loppers from causing harm and damage to trees.
  10. Sydney and it’s Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 requires loppers to get a permit before trees are pruned.
  11. Loppers need development consent under the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 to prune or trim heritage trees that fall under the heritage tree list. The list is updated periodically to stop illegal pruning and removal for commercial use.
  12. In Melbourne, an arboricultural assessment and site inspection are required before trees are pruned and trimmed. It’s part of the 2040 plan to increase canopy cover inside the city.
  13. Kids are not allowed to use loppers without the supervision of any qualified expert, while it is prohibited for children to cut and damage trees.
  14. For tree loppers to qualify for tree removal as per their local councils, AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification is required.
  15. Amongst tree lopping and tree pruning, lopping has the most devastating effects on the health and growth of a tree. Loppers can cause long term damage, and destroy the soil if the process is not done as per right laws and techniques.
  16. Tree loppers still are not aware of why and how stumps can grow and become trees again.
  17. To officially do lopping as a business in Australia, affiliation and registration with either Arboriculture Australia (AA) and Tree Contractors Association of Australia (TCAA) or both are required. 
  18. Although there are no categories defining a tree lopper, Arborists can be divided into practising arborists and consulting arborists.
  19. Tree loppers may use ropes and pulleys to bring a tall tree down.
  20. Professional tree loppers Perth in WA have warned several times about the damage they cause to the environment by hurting the growth of the trees and using inexperienced practices to damage the landscape.