Increase your outdoor living with our DIY decking steps

If you have been looking for the best way to upgrade your outdoor living space, you can do that easily by adding an outdoor deck. A beautiful deck will provide you with a great place to host your events with your friends and spend time with your whole family outdoor. Whether it is having summer BBQs or throwing birthday parties, an outdoor deck will provide you with the additional space you need.

Moreover, it will add value to your home and aesthetic appeal. That is among the things you have possibly been looking for. The great news for today is that you can build an outdoor deck the DIY way. Here is how to do it.

First, how long will the construction take?

The length of time it will take to complete an outdoor deck will depend on various factors. It will depend on your speed and the availability of materials. The screwing of boards might take a long time, but you will have saved on the costs at the end. You can build the deck over the existing surfaces.

For example, if you already have a concreted space or good spot in your yard, you just need to construct it over the existing surface. If you have soil or grass, you might need to take the organic material away and drop a concrete paver to make the foundation. You do not have to dig any holes or erect posts – the planning stage is easy.

How much will the DIY deck cost?

You might need over $5000 to build a new outdoor deck in your outdoor space. However, by using the outdoor decking solutions in Perth you are likely to save more on the labor costs. Moreover, Good Times modular will help you save hundreds of dollars on the construction.

The Good Times modular comes with adjustable feet, prefabricated modular base and allows choice of decking timbers and you can, therefore, lay it over the existing surfaces like old paving and concrete. The entry level is affordable – you just need $2000 to complete the entire deck.

When using treated pine – because you need something temporary, small or cheap – you should be ready to spend around $105 per every square meter.

Find the tools and materials you need to build the deck

To start building the outdoor deck, you just need a few drills and a few basic tools like a tape measure, mallet, drive bits and drill. When using the panel, you will not require a saw. Here is what you need.

–          Various drill bits

–          3mm drill bits

–          47mm 3/8 inch net setter

–          64mm ¼” net setter

–          47mmx5mm hex drive

–          64mm Philips head drive #2

–          4mm drill bit

Build the deck

The construction process can end within one day or one weekend. The construction stages include:

–          Measuring and estimating

–          Assembling base frames

–          Joint base frames and levelling deck

–          Applying the decking panels and the sides

–          Setting up the foundations for the soft ground

–          Working around the pillars and the pipes

You can complete a deck in less than one week. After the building, you will be able to live in your home without the disturbance and noise ­associated with constructions that take several months. For the construction to be efficient, you will need the right number of workers, materials, and tools.