The Rise of the Granny Flat

Granny flats are emerging as the most beneficial investment for the property. This is happening probably because of its viability to serve several purposes. When something becomes a trend in housing, only one of the two things happen: either the old ones lose their value, or the newly styled property becomes more valuable. Latter happened in the case of granny flats. If you install them on a property, they increase the property price. So, if you are wondering what gave rise to these granny flats, then you can read this article further for some amazing insight on the same.

About Granny Flat

Granny flats are basically an area that is turned into a small space for living that’s suitable for one or two people. The idea of granny flats is pretty much in its name only. It originated with the mere thought of keeping ageing parents in a comfortable and safe environment. To do this, people started building a separate portions in their backyards.

These flats are likeable by those too who like to live alone and be on their own. Gradually, people started renting their separate portion, which is known as a granny flat. Upon seeing this, many people started building granny flats in their backyard to have an extra income. Eversince then, granny flats have been evolving and added value to the properties.

The Rise Of The Granny Flats

Older houses used to have plenty of unused space. For those who have houses from the older times, it became easier to build a granny flat as they have a lot of unused space. Several other reasons contributed to the rise of the granny flats:


For the employees who relocate themselves to a new city, a granny flat is their convenient choice. They are affordable for them with a pretty nice environment.

Families Stay Together

When children become adults, they do not like living under the same roof as their parents for privacy, and rightfully so. Granny flats have worked like a charmer in such scenarios as now children can have separate roofs while being there for their parents when needed.

Little Investment

If you compare the value a granny flat adds to a property, then the investment in building it is little to nothing. Also, whenever you feel like increasing your house rates, you can simply build a granny flat.

Additional Income

In today’s world, having one job won’t cut out the payments of the bills. Therefore, everyone thinks of inventing their money to have extra income. If you invest in a granny flat, then you can rent it out and thus create an extra income.

Adds Value To The Property

Undoubtedly, granny flats increase the property value. So, if you want to make use of the extra land in your house, you can build a granny flat to increase your property’s rate.

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