What Is The Best UTE Canopy Or Ute Service Body For Me?

Who does not like some extra space in their vehicles?

Ute canopies and ute service bodies are a great way to increase the storage space in your vehicles. They have proven to be of great convenience. Many people use these for their businesses. If you are also looking to get a ute canopy or ute service body for your vehicle, then you should choose the right one. There are many ute canopies out there, but three most popular ones are the full canopy, part canopy, and tool module. We will discuss each one in detail so that you can decide which one suits you the best.

Full Canopy

The full canopy is the service body that is fully enclosed and secured by three doors. It is a reliable service body that is protected and completely sealed. Which means that your business won’t face any sort of loss with this full canopy. It has a 360-degree design feature. A full ute canopy would provide you with a smooth portable workspace. This type of canopy is well suited for people who have businesses related to trade and service industries as it would allow heavy trade. It is also perfect for any type of sale business.

The best part about this ute full canopy is that it is fully enclosed. There is no need to secure or cover items with extra efforts as it can do the job perfectly. However, the only drawback to this ute full canopy is that it is not suitable for you if your daily work requires large items because they would not fit in. You can use a tool module or part canopy if you want to store large items in your ute canopy. High-quality ute canopies in Perth can be bought for storage use.

Part Canopy

Part canopies are the best option if you require mobile workstation. Part canopies are often considered convenient because it is a great combination of service body and rear tray. The rear tray is often very helpful. It can be useful in delivering heavy items to far off places. On the other hand, the service body can be used as an appropriate workspace. This type of ute canopy is best for drilling, plumbing, heavy diesel, and mechanical businesses.

The part canopy is often considered great because it can keep important stuff secured while having heavy items sitting on the rear tray. However, the load that can sit on the rear tray have certain legal requirements to be fulfilled.

Tool Module

The tool module is quite similar to the part canopy. It provides storage space and rear tray in the central aisle. This is where you can place longer items. The tools kept here remain secure and clean. The length of the tool module can be tailored as per your choice. This service body is suitable for all sorts of sales and services businesses. It often comes with a generator or air conditioner.